Cheap Professional Makeup Brush Sets

If you’re looking for professional makeup brushes and find that the prices are ridiculously high, it pays to look around and see what else is out there. Most branded sets will cost an arm and leg; I’m talking over £100.

If you’re willing to go for a set without a brand name you can find quality brushes at heavily reduced cost. Let me explain why and were you can do this in the following summary

Without slandering any top names about price, not every makeup artist can afford to pay high costs on professional make up brush sets. Maybe you’re an artist who is just starting out; maybe you’re a student or simply just a beauty conscious girl who has a small income with a small budget for beauty products each month. Good news for all females and males, there is good quality brushes to be found at prices that are lower than what you would expect.

When building a collection of makeup brushes, the first thing woman do is click on the best brand name professional brush sets. “Ooh! they must be the best because they are this brand” and “they must be good because they are so high in price.” Then they’ll check out brushes that are cheaper and think “Ooh they must be low quality as they are so cheap and they haven’t got a well-known name on them.” Not always the case.

There are about six main types of brushes on the market; all types are listed below.

1. Squirrel Hair – Squirrel hair brush sets are the most expensive animal hair, they are very soft and expensive looking. Squirrel brush kits have a luxurious look and feel to them.

2. Goat Hair – Goat hair makeup sets are used mostly on the market by professionals as they are very good at holding all types of makeup powder.

3. Pony Hair – Pony hair brush sets are very versatile, this type of hair is soft but has got a good thickness they holds all types of powder in place and are very good for spreading makeup on the skin evenly. makeup brush kit

4. Camel Hair – This is a mixture of animal hairs such as goat and pony or goat and squirrel. These are great for spreading makeup as the mixture of animal hairs add to different qualities.

5. Natural/ Synthetic Mix – Natural and synthetic mixed brush sets are good as the mixture of fibers increase the stiffness and handling of liquid makeup

6. Synthetic – Synthetic makeup brush sets are man-made fibers that don’t absorb the makeup as much as the natural brushes. As they don’t absorb as good as animal they aren’t as good for makeup powder but are really good for foundation. They are good for applying foundation and other liquid makeup’s to the skin.

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