Lottery 6-49 – Learn How to Win Today

If you live in the country of Canada, you must be one of the hundreds of people who enthusiastically play the Lottery 6/49. It is actually one of the major lottery games in Canada, the other one being the Lotto Super 7. In this game of chance, the winning number combinations are being drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

A Quick Look at its Past

The Lottery 6/49 was launched in June of the year 1982 and was credited to be the prabhat matka  first nationwide lottery game in the entire Canadian state. This game allows the players to decide on their own numbers. Even before, there were other lottery games which existed in Canada. They were the Lotto Canada, Olympic Lottery, and the Super Lotto. All of which utilized the serial numbers on their tickets. However, when Lotto 6/49 emerged, it rendered the previous lottery games obsolete.

Playing the Game

As its very name implies, there are 6 numbers which are drawn from among the set of 49 numbers. The jackpot prize varies depending on whether or not someone has already taken it home. One hits the jackpot if his chosen 6 numbers match the winning number combination. A “second prize” is won when the player’s ticket equals five numbers from the winning combination along with the bonus number. The rule of thumb is that when there is more than one winner who wins either the jackpot or the second prize, the total amount is to be divided among all of them.

The minor prizes are awarded to the players who get three numbers, or two of the winning combination numbers plus the bonus number. Now, if no one gets the much coveted jackpot prize, then, the amount increases over the next draws until someone finally wins it.

The Price of the Ticket

The tickets are typically cheap. They often range between $1 up to $2. Who else will not want to join the rage when in fact a big amount of money is at stake?

A Player’s Goal

Obviously, someone who plays for the Canadian lottery has only one goal. That is, to take home the jackpot prize. Several of the players generally believe that winning or losing is based on luck. The problem is that, they don’t trust that there is a better strategy that will topple over their rivals.

The secret to winning in the Lottery 6/49 is all about envisaging the next batch of winning numbers. It is all about predicting the upcoming number combination. Try as you might in deciphering the pattern used, your effort will remain futile. Why? It is because a machine picks the numbers.

What you must do is to skip some numbers. Refrain from employing the natural sequence of numbers. Also, combine both the odd and even numbers for more chances of winning.

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